George Hill
Sacramento Kings
Date Of Birth
5 April 1986
6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
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  • @KBowen1070 Pacers definitely need an upgrade at Point Guard. That’s been our weakness for like 10 years. Collision…
    21 Jan @ 6PM

  • @SpinDavies Yea bc kyle Korver Jr smith and george hill arent going to get embarrassed like that this late in their careers
    21 Jan @ 6PM

  • @Spurs_McNulla Alvin Robertson, Rod Strickland, George Hill
    21 Jan @ 3PM

  • @QHGreenwich: This day 21 January 1855 - birth of George Hill at The Queen’s House, Greenwich…
    21 Jan @ 10AM

  • @Miichaelwashere Easier to lose the series does not = harder to win the series. If that were true. Than the Cavs…
    21 Jan @ 7AM

  • Get George Hill!! #FearTheDeer
    17 Jan @ 2AM

  • [email protected] swaps jersey's with former teammate George Hill in Milwaukee. #OneLastDance #HEATCulture #HEATNation https…
    16 Jan @ 1AM

  • This exactly what Harden say when he sees that George Hill is guarding him
    10 Jan @ 4AM

  • Perfect defense by George Hill. Force Harden to take these shots and you can’t let it bother you that he hits them. htt…
    10 Jan @ 12AM

  • Officer Paul Freitas is a brave cop who stared down death that dreadful night as he was shot multiple times. Paul is living w/…
    9 Jan @ 12AM

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    The Utah Jazz were one of the NBA’s most remarkable storylines last season. Securing the fifth seed in the Western Conference and advancing to the second round of the playoffs were outcomes no one saw coming after the franchise lost its best player in Gordon Hayward and starting point guard George Hill in free agency. Fortunately, Utah received an unexpected jolt from rookie sensation Donovan Mitchell, who is poised to take his game and the franchise to greater heights in his sophomore season.
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