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    @MAlvarez02: Postgame interview with Huntington Beach coach Brett Brown @HBUHSD @oilers_hbhs @ocvarsity #ocvupdates @HB_OilerSports @h…

Brett Brown
Philadelphia Sixers
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  • Rose XI: Andrews, Brett, Brown, K Young, Horne, Hoskins, Turner, Stewart, McGachie, Nelson, Wilson Subs: Martyniuk,… https://t.co/cD3GwJkAvO
    18 Aug @ 2PM

  • @MAlvarez02: Postgame interview with Huntington Beach coach Brett Brown @HBUHSD @oilers_hbhs @ocvarsity #ocvupdates @HB_OilerSports @h…
    18 Aug @ 9AM

  • @MAlvarez02: Postgame interview with Huntington Beach coach Brett Brown @HBUHSD @oilers_hbhs @ocvarsity #ocvupdates @HB_OilerSports @h…
    18 Aug @ 9AM

  • @HammondEgger1: @PeterVecsey1 It’s now August 18th and Brett Brown has been acting GM of the #Sixers since before the draft. And his fir…
    18 Aug @ 7AM

  • @PeterVecsey1 It’s now August 18th and Brett Brown has been acting GM of the #Sixers since before the draft. And hi… https://t.co/Q6kj5aF9yw
    18 Aug @ 7AM

  • Brett Brown on Mike Muscala: https://t.co/17gqjihDI2
    25 Jul @ 5PM

  • The 6th Burner – @DrLydecia on her son @Rich_Holmes22 , the @Sixers, their relationship with @SamHinkie, Bryan Colangelo,…
    21 Jul @ 3AM

  • Because Brett Brown in the last two months has already done a better job than the last GM did in two years https://t.co
    20 Jul @ 7PM

  • Brett Brown can't get criticized for not playing Richaun Holmes if Richaun Holmes isn't on the team. https://t.co/ntcf
    20 Jul @ 6PM

  • The #Sixers desperately need bench shooting and Kyle Korver would give them that. It would give Brett Brown the opportunity…
    20 Jul @ 1PM

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  • Despite Jamal Crawford's praise, Sixers should be wary of signing veteran free agent

    Despite coming up empty in their goal of star hunting this summer, the Sixers are still currently one of the more desirable franchises in the NBA. Plus, the organization has a respected head coach in Brett Brown, state-of-the-art training complex, an intense fan base and much more to offer.
    13 Aug @ 7PM

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  • Joel Embiid on 76ers not getting LeBron James, Paul George or Kawhi Leonard: ‘I want to be better than those guys’

    76ers coach and acting general manager Brett Brown openly chased stars this offseason. But LeBron James (Lakers), Paul George (Thunder) and Kawhi Leonard (Raptors) all wound up elsewhere. Joel Embiid, via Sarah Todd of Philly.com: “When my season
    2 Aug @ 2PM

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  • Brett Brown embracing a difficult job as Sixers' interim GM

    Heading into the NBA draft, there was some uncertainty about how the Sixers would make decisions. Nobody seemed willing to say whether interim GM Brett Brown would have the final say, or whether it would be a truly collaborative process. Thursday night, Brown confirmed he's the man in charge.
    23 Jun @ 4PM

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  • Why Brett Brown believes in high-flying Zhaire Smith

    Leonard is one of the stars that interim GM Brett Brown would love to land (see story). "When you look at just where I believe Zhaire can be, there are some common denominators to what Kawhi had when we first brought him to San Antonio," Brown said.
    22 Jun @ 9PM

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  • Sixers put organization ahead of Mikal Bridges' feelings ... and that's okay

    Brett Brown sold me. Then Brett Brown came out after the first round ended and put my mind at ease that the Sixers made the right move. "It starts out with just tremendous excitement," Brett said. "When this is my 18th year in the NBA and when you sit there and you watch a draft board play out and on our notes, on our big board, we had 1A and 1B and when the 9th pick was selected you realize, we're going to get one of our two, and we chose Mikal [Bridges].
    22 Jun @ 7PM

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