Alex Abrines
Oklahoma City Thunder
Date Of Birth
8 January 1993
6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
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  • Sam Presti trades Abdul Nader, TLC, Patrick Patterson, Alex Abrines , Raymond Felton + Cash considerations for Jimm…
    23 Sep @ 2AM

  • @Sixringofsteel Wiigins will give you 17 a night when roberson locks down your best guard or small fiward but gives…
    23 Sep @ 12AM

  • OKC Players 3pt%: PG- 40% Alex Abrines- 38% Patrick Patterson: 38% Terrance Ferguson- 33% Russell Westbrook- 29% Je…
    20 Jul @ 4PM

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  • Since OKC traded James Harden... - Harden: 85.7 win shares - Steven Adams, Alex Abrines, Jeremy Lamb, Kevin Martin and M…
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  • With all the rumors here is potential OKC lineup*: Russ Adams Melo LeBron PG13 Bench: Lance Stevenson Enes Kanter DeAndre Jor…
    25 Jun @ 10PM

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  • Westbrook, George to have first-ever workout

    As they begin the process of building chemistry, Russell Westbrook and Paul George?plan to work out for the first time as Oklahoma City Thunder teammates this week in Santa Monica, California. The majority of the Thunder roster will participate in the workout, organized by Westbrook. Nick Collison (on a family vacation) and Alex Abrines (at home in Spain) won't be there and it's unclear if rookie Terrance Ferguson will participate, as he has yet to sign his rookie contract. The workouts will run through Thursday and will mainly just consist of informal drills and conditioning, led by the players. Westbrook and George have been getting to know each other the past few weeks, starting with a phone
    26 Jul @ 1PM

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