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    @Tony_Pesta: Let’s check in on some stars from the 2003 NBA Draft: Chris Bosh: retired Carmelo Anthony: out of the league Dwyane W…

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    @seoglyu: update he also unfollowed carmelo anthony whom he followed after the valentino event but who never followed yixing back he d…

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    @Rockets__Nation: Former #Knicks teammate of Carmelo Anthony, Lance Thomas, thinks Melo should get more respect. #Rockets https://t.co/f

Carmelo Anthony
New York Knicks
Date Of Birth
29 May 1984
6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  • @KnickFilmSchool: On this Date: Carmelo Anthony goes off for 37 points in a Knicks win over Portland. And someone named Kevin Durant m…

  • @darrenrovell: Biggest NBA Buyouts (paid not to play) 1. Gilbert Arenas, Magic, $63M 2. Michael Finley, Mavs, $51.8M 3. Josh Smith, P…

  • @TommyBeer: Class of '03 has also done pretty well financially: Career on-court earnings thru 2017 of the Top 5 picks in the 2003 draft…

  • @ScoopB: Carmelo Anthony Should Get ‘Respect He Deserves’ Says Former Knicks Teammate Lance Thomas - https://t.co/CLXguNdmP2 #Knicks #K…

  • @KimHuangNBA: If Carmelo Anthony goes to the Houston Rockets I’ll buy NBA 2k19 for everyone who RT this...and yes, I’m serious. @Ronnie2…

  • Let’s check in on some stars from the 2003 NBA Draft: Chris Bosh: retired Carmelo Anthony: out of the league Dwyane W…
    11 Dec @ 2AM

  • Jazz players looking around for carmelo anthony and corey Brewer
    11 Dec @ 12AM

  • @HPbasketball Carmelo Anthony Court in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Refurbished by Anthony recently. https://t.co/ZmeSqLhfJB
    10 Dec @ 9PM

  • "He was good from dumb spots. He was great at the wrong thing at the wrong time.” #latepass but this really feels like…
    10 Dec @ 7PM

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo is averaging 9.8 2P/gm. The last time someone averaged at least that many made twos was 2006-07,…
    10 Dec @ 3PM

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  • Carmelo Anthony says perception of Knicks ‘scared a lot of people away’

    What is your perception of the New York Knicks? Of course, that perception is largely correct because that’s more or less the description of how James Dolan runs his team. Dolan operates the Knicks with all the flair of some guy who owns a bunch of Subway franchises off an interstate.
    3 Nov @ 1PM

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  • A chat with the 'infuriated Knicks fan' selling his fandom, on the eve of kissing the Knicks goodbye

    When news began to circulate earlier this week that a fan of the New York Knicks had finally grown so tired of rooting for the moribund franchise that he’d chosen to put the rights to his NBA fandom up for auction on eBay, preferring to sell his allegiance to the highest bidder rather than continue to support an organization that has pushed him to his “absolute breaking point” after “17 years of pain,” I had some questions. The “infuriated Knicks fan” behind the eBay auction — and the attendant 2,174-word listing that includes a bracing trip through the Knicks’ draft history, the unfulfilled promise of the Amar’e Stoudemire-Carmelo Anthony era, New York’s litany of failed head-coaching tenures since Jeff Van Gundy left town, and more — is Evan Perlmutter, age 33, from Hoboken, New Jersey.
    24 Aug @ 7PM

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  • Carmelo Anthony Thanks Thunder Organization, Teammates and Fans in Goodbye Letter to OKC

    In late September 2017, Carmelo Anthony was traded from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 10-time All-Star said, "it wasn't a good fit" with the team and that "Everything was just so rushed" to help get him acclimated with Russell Westbrook and Paul George last season. Thank You, OKC I know it was only one season, but from the time I arrived in OKC, I was greeted with so much love from The Team, The Organization, and of course the INCREDIBLE fans of this amazing city.
    14 Aug @ 10PM

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  • Mike D'Antoni says Carmelo Anthony fits much better with the Rockets than with the 2012 Knicks

    After signing with the Houston Rockets, head coach Mike D'Antoni says Carmelo Anthony is a much 'better fit' with the Rockets than with the 2012 failed New York Knicks.
    14 Aug @ 10PM

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  • Carmelo Anthony to officially join Rockets on Monday

    Carmelo Anthony is formally joining the Houston Rockets on a one-year, $2.4 million deal. Anthony, a 10-time All-Star who was waived July 30 by the Atlanta Hawks, has been working out daily with Rockets point guard Chris Paul and MVP James Harden. Anthony, 34, was amenable to a partial mid-level exception as his base salary after being one of the highest-paid players in the NBA last season and also receiving a buyout of his 2018-19 contract.
    14 Aug @ 10AM

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