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    @jovanbuha: Patrick Beverley with a candid quote about teams — including the Cavs tonight — going zone against the Clippers recently. ht…

Patrick Beverley
LA Clippers
Date Of Birth
7 December 1988
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
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  • @jovanbuha: Patrick Beverley with a candid quote about teams — including the Cavs tonight — going zone against the Clippers recently. ht…
    23 Mar @ 8PM

  • @PeytonW3 @ChristianWhitt I hate one more player than LeBron. Patrick Beverley. But he’s irrelevant so no reason to… https://t.co/tGKpjwUwMF
    23 Mar @ 8PM

  • @jovanbuha: Patrick Beverley with a candid quote about teams — including the Cavs tonight — going zone against the Clippers recently. ht…
    23 Mar @ 7PM

  • @btrain92 Patrick Beverley..that's it
    23 Mar @ 7PM

  • @SLAMonline: Patrick Beverley has an extreme lack of chill when he guards superstars. ?? (via @LAClippers) https://t.co/SdFswthNT9
    23 Mar @ 5PM

  • Patrick Beverley with the MOVES. CLUTCH. https://t.co/Ty7iCowSvh
    20 Mar @ 4AM

  • Patrick Beverley on his reaction to the #Clippers trading Tobias Harris and his meeting with management after the trade. h…
    18 Mar @ 3AM

  • Patrick Beverley Says Clippers Are Legit Contenders, Better Than Lakers https://t.co/agxws5UHHt
    18 Mar @ 2AM

  • Patrick Beverley is seriously hustle personified on the court. Just grabbed two offensive rebounds that resulted in a Shamet…
    16 Mar @ 3AM

  • Patrick Beverley Guarding Lonzo Ball 19 Points 5 Rebounds 6 Assists Lonzo Ball Guarding Patrick Beverley 0 Points 3 R…
    14 Mar @ 4PM

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  • Clippers show resolve, while Lakers show why they will miss playoffs in loss

    When the Lakers make a third-quarter push (what is it with the Clippers and the third quarter?) and took to take an 82-79 lead, the Clippers responded with their own 8-0 run — with every basket from rookies Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Landry Shamet. The Clippers moved the ball and trusted their teammates, particularly in the fourth, and it led to open looks. All night long Patrick Beverley was a pest.
    7 Mar @ 9AM

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  • Clippers want it more than Lakers - Beverley

    Patrick Beverley said the Clippers proved they are the best team in Los Angeles and showed they "want it more" in a 113-105 defeat of the Lakers on Monday. The Clippers took another step towards the playoffs and struck another blow to the Lakers' bid to prolong their season at Staples Center. Beverley declared at the start of the season that the Clippers would outperform their struggling city rivals and says they have more hunger than the Lakers.
    6 Mar @ 7PM

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  • Patrick Beverley's theft of Anthony Davis' shoe backfires in technical, huge night from Davis

    Without a stoppage in play, Davis played on with a single shoe and managed to cherry-pick a transition bucket after a Clippers miss on the other end of the court. Game continues with one-shoed Davis The game continued on for a couple of possessions as Davis played with one shoe, the Pelicans apparently not believing the situation warranted a time out. When Davis missed a jumper on the next Pelicans possession, he tossed his errant shoe toward the New Orleans bench, having given up on the prospect of getting it on with the clock running.
    15 Jan @ 7AM

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  • Patrick Beverley knocks out Dennis Smith's tooth, ejected for throwing ball at fan in same game

    The Dallas Mavericks were less than happy after one of their youngest players walked away from a tussle for the ball minus a tooth and without a personal foul called. In the third quarter of the Mavericks’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, a scramble for the ball left Smith on the floor and Clippers guard Patrick Beverley above him and very interested in taking away the ball.
    3 Dec @ 6AM

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  • Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley Continue Feud; Receive Double Technical Fouls

    The feud between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley continued on Tuesday night after each received technical fouls, with Beverley getting a flagrant one foul and cops being brought unto the court to help separate the two. In the middle of the fourth quarter during Oklahoma City's 128-110 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, went Beverley went for a loose ball that Westbrook already had and ended up diving into Westbrook's knees. A timeout was immediately called by Thunder head coach Billy Donovan in an attempt to calm the situation down.
    31 Oct @ 11PM

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