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    @overtime: Victor Oladipo absolutely KILLED THAT @VicOladipo https://t.co/Tt3kSkEw2V

Victor Oladipo
Indiana Pacers
Date Of Birth
5 April 1992
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
  • @LeBronBurner: Who would you rather have on your team? RT for Klay Thompson Like for Victor Oladipo https://t.co/xwLI4A46vz

  • @_TheFutureMVP_: Ben Simmons had a better defensive rating last season than the following players: Jimmy Butler* Draymond Green* Robert…

  • When Megan was hoeing she was getting 37 minutes a night like Victor Oladipo
    18 Jul @ 10PM

  • Paul George --> Victor Oladipo & Domantas Sabonis Jimmy Butler & 16th pick --> 7th pick (Lauri Markkanen), Zach Lavine…
    18 Jul @ 2PM

  • Victor Oladipo with the 91 overall rating in 2K19! https://t.co/GpZWGnnbLv
    18 Jul @ 2AM

  • Ben Simmons had a better defensive rating last season than the following players: Jimmy Butler* Draymond Green* Robert…
    17 Jul @ 7PM

  • NBA twitter is the GOAT Ariane Grande’s music is trash Stream Dame D.O.L.L.A and Victor Oladipo on Spotify https://t.co/2t
    17 Jul @ 5AM

Classic headlines via Yahoo! Sports

  • Victor Oladipo to LeBron James: 'If you want to win, come to Indy'

    Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo is the latest player to recruit LeBron James this offseason. Add Victor Oladipo to the list of players attempting to recruit LeBron James this offseason. Fresh off his Most Improved Player honor at the NBA Awards on Monday night, Oladipo turned his attention to the upcoming season and bringing a championship to Indianapolis.
    27 Jun @ 7PM

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  • Victor Oladipo named NBA Most Improved Player

    Victor Oladipo spent the summer of 2017 reshaping his body and honing his skills, and after being traded to the Pacers and the ball put in his hands he became on of the best go-to players, No. 1 options in the league. All of that earned him the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. While Oladipo ran away with the award — garnering 99 of the 101 first-place votes from select media members — there were 33 players total who got at least one of the three ballot spots from the voters.
    26 Jun @ 10AM

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  • Paul George takes shot at Pacers after they set Lance Stephenson free

    The Indiana Pacers are declining the $4.4 million option on Lance Stephenson for next season. This is a little about Stephenson but more about the Pacers wanting maximum payroll flexibility heading into this summer, as they look to build a deeper team with another star around Victor Oladipo. Players know the NBA is a cold, bottom line business.
    26 Jun @ 12AM

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  • Report: Indiana to retain Bojan Bogdanovic, he could start again next season

    Bojan Bogdanovic is the kind of floor spacing shooter the Pacers need next to the attacking Victor Oladipo. Bogdanovic is due $10.5 million next season, but the Pacers can buy him out before next Friday (June 29) for $1.5 million. The Indiana Pacers currently plan to retain Bojan Bogdanovic — whose contract is only partially guaranteed for next season — and would be comfortable going into next season with him as a starter, according to a source familiar with the Pacers offseason plans.
    25 Jun @ 3AM

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  • Would Pacers pursue Paul George in free agency? 'We're different now,' GM says

    Victor Oladipo emerged from Paul George’s shadow. In case you were wondering where the Indiana Pacers are now as a franchise, they’re trying to figure out if free-agent-to-be Paul George would even fit onto a team now dominated by the man they traded him for, and that’s a pretty wonderful place to be if you’re general manager Kevin Pritchard.
    9 May @ 10PM

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