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    @LeagueTribune: David West on Kevin Durant: ? “I would say Kevin Durant is back with the Warriors next season.” https://t.co/LMU7Voz8GB

David West
Golden State Warriors
Date Of Birth
29 August 1980
6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
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  • Let David West and the Ciderville crew take you back to when Cas Walker woke us up every morning with the Cas Walke… https://t.co/50cvAUlZm0
    16 Dec @ 12AM

  • Update: Mando is playing against David West’s son and he’s here watching
    16 Dec @ 12AM

  • @mpcabrey: BOYS #BASKETBALL: @WTHS_Sports’s David West gets a few friendly bounces to hit a 3-pointer 1Q vs. Pennridge. https://t.co/b7N…
    15 Dec @ 11PM

  • @mpcabrey: BOYS #BASKETBALL: @WTHS_Sports’s David West finds a cutting Ryan Savage for 2 2Q vs. Pennridge. https://t.co/2UQcrgIla2
    15 Dec @ 11PM

  • @mpcabrey: BOYS #BASKETBALL: @WTHS_Sports’s David West with the backcourt steal for a layup 2Q vs. Pennridge. https://t.co/ekHr8nJKnr
    15 Dec @ 11PM

  • David West: “I would say Kevin Durant is back with the Warriors next season” https://t.co/Ecf5yB7WoJ
    14 Dec @ 10PM

  • David West explains how Steph Curry is the 'head honcho' of the Warriors https://t.co/Xz0qmyfx7W https://t.co/IJcbrOkgzI
    14 Dec @ 10PM

  • David West makes a bold claim on Kevin Durant's (@KDTrey5) free agency this summer. Full Warriors odds: https://t.co
    14 Dec @ 7PM

  • Former #Warriors veteran David West thinks Kevin Durant will stay in the Bay. #DubNation https://t.co/LVZG92nFQT
    14 Dec @ 7PM

  • David West looked deep into his crystal ball and he believes Kevin Durant will play for the Warriors next season... http…
    14 Dec @ 5PM

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  • David West explains how Steph Curry is Warriors’ 'head honcho'

    David West explains how Steph Curry is Warriors 'head honcho' originally appeared on nbcsportsbayarea.com Programming note: Watch tonight's Warriors-Kings game streaming live at 7 p.m. PT on the MyTeams app. Who is the unquestioned leader of the Warriors?
    15 Dec @ 9AM

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  • David West: “I would say Kevin Durant is back with the Warriors next season”

    Kevin Durant doesn’t know what Kevin Durant is going to do next summer. It is entirely possible he chooses to remain a Golden State Warrior, on a team that has dominated the West since his arrival and remains the clear favorite to win it all again (despite some stumbles early in the season). Former teammate David West is in the first camp, as he told Steinmetz and Guru on 95.7 the Game, the Warriors radio flagship.
    15 Dec @ 1AM

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  • Report: David West’s cryptic comments were about Warriors’ meningitis scare

    After the Warriors won last season’s championship, Golden State forward David West (since retired) said, the public had “no clue” about the shocking things the team dealt with internally. Warriors coaches tried to downplay West’s remarks, but speculation was rampant. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, the Warriors dealt with a team-wide meningitis scare in mid-March that was the root of West’s infamous comments.
    5 Dec @ 7AM

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  • Patrick McCaw will skip Warriors' NBA championship ring ceremony

    Of the 15 players on the Warriors' 2018 NBA championship team, only Pat McCaw has not responded to an invitation to accept the ring he earned last season. Every member of the team not currently on an NBA roster was invited to the ring ceremony Tuesday night. Only David West, who retired in August, was at Oracle Arena to participate.
    17 Oct @ 6AM

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  • Patrick McCaw rejecting Warriors' contract offer just boggles the mind

    In a steamy, cramped Warriors locker room noisy with exuberant shrieks and musty with a mixture of sweat and champagne spray, Patrick McCaw found a seat in a corner and dropped his head between his legs, burying his face in his hands beneath a towel. McCaw occasionally lifted his head to peek at the delirium, his eyes rolling in moisture. Meanwhile, veteran big man David West held court in the center of the room, exulting, his booming baritone telling all willing how gloriously this felt and how much the Warriors had endured to win this NBA championship.
    2 Oct @ 9PM

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