J. J. Redick
Philadelphia Sixers
Date Of Birth
24 June 1984
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
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  • @OTOSMattimus @Addison60585311 @derwinjames6 Lebron embiid Simmons Dario and J.J. Redick team would get SMOKED by a… https://t.co/ttk7lqS7pS
    23 Apr @ 2AM

  • Cavs need J.J Redick, Korver ????
    23 Apr @ 2AM

  • @brandonscalea Jake Guentzel has a punchable face. He's the Christian Laettner/J.J. Redick/Jon Scheyer of hockey
    23 Apr @ 12AM

  • I've seen a lot of Duke & UNC players in this NBA postseason also. Ty Lawson is still in the league, J.J. Redick st… https://t.co/H8OGukcIbB
    22 Apr @ 11PM

  • @AudraLynn21: Yayayaya @sixers ???????????????? love my Philly teams y’all ! ... and J.J Redick hahahah ??
    22 Apr @ 6PM

  • J.J. Redick said a couple of days ago that it usually takes until Game 5 or 6 for teams to get to the point where they ca…
    21 Apr @ 8PM

  • J.J. Redick's audition for the Fashion Police. ?? https://t.co/xX3UN96IaJ
    20 Apr @ 4AM

  • J.J. Redick playing like a Clipper again ?? -Pavy
    17 Apr @ 2AM

  • No Embiid, no problem. Philly takes Game 1, 130-103. J.J. Redick: 28 PTS Marco Belinelli: 25 PTS Dario Saric: 20 PTS,…
    15 Apr @ 2AM

  • J.J. Redick has returned for the #sixers.
    15 Apr @ 1AM

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  • Sixers-Heat reaches new level of physicality as stakes heighten

    BOX SCORE MIAMI - Just when it seemed like the Sixers-Heat first-round series couldn't get any more physical, guess what? It did. Whichever teams win this series isn't going to do so without a fight, and now the Sixers are one victory away from advancing
    22 Apr @ 10PM

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  • Why Dwyane Wade thinks Sixers are 'special'

    For the 13 first rounds Dwyane Wade has played in, the current Sixers-Heat matchup has made a strong impression. "They're good," Wade said. Sitting at the podium, Wade spent a good amount of time during his press conference praising the team that has put the Heat on the brink of elimination.
    22 Apr @ 10PM

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  • Tempers flare in chippy Game 4 between Heat, Sixers

    Miami is a physical defensive team, and in Game 4 at home Saturday they cranked that up. The Heat also are a handsy team they clutch, grab, hold, and get away with what they can (that isn’t new to this playoff series). The Sixers are getting weary of it, and in a game with plenty of double technicals thanks to the referees trying to keep control.
    22 Apr @ 10AM

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  • Ben Simmons earns triple-double, Sixers own fourth to win Game 4 vs. Heat, take 3-1 lead

    Joel Embiid’s biggest battle in Game 4 was with his mask — he hates that thing. A couple of times Saturday he tried to sneak into the game with it off, only to force Brett Brown to be the parent and threaten to bench him if he didn’t put it on immediately (winning Game 4 is not worth risking permanent eye/vision damage). Embiid was also battling his offensive game at times, still looking a little rusty.
    22 Apr @ 3AM

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  • Ben Simmons’ triple-double helps Sixers overcome mountain of turnovers

    The Sixers are leaving Miami with a 3-1 series lead. Watch the video that resulted in a personal foul on Ben Simmons and technicals on Robert Covington and James Johnson. • Joel Embiid got away with one mask-less play.
    22 Apr @ 1AM

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