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    @DeLaSalleElite: Tyus Jones (@1Tyus) Coaching the Team 1 Tyus 2022 to victory over Howard Pulley 14U #PulleyInvitational https://t.co/6H

Tyus Jones
Minnesota Timberwolves
Date Of Birth
5 October 1996
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
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  • @JerWhitten @Errontainer EXCUSE ME SIR
    21 May @ 4AM

  • @Errontainer @Tyus_Jones_Stan No it’s this https://t.co/V9yobdM09w
    21 May @ 4AM

  • @Errontainer: I feel like this is what you see right before you walk into hell. https://t.co/kFCWskOVv7
    21 May @ 4AM

  • @Tyus_Jones_Stan @KateasaSL Thank you!
    21 May @ 4AM

  • @KateasaSL @advancedstats23 You both are amazing
    21 May @ 4AM

  • Tyus Jones (@1Tyus) Coaching the Team 1 Tyus 2022 to victory over Howard Pulley 14U #PulleyInvitational https://t.co/6H
    20 May @ 7AM

  • Khalid El-Amin and Tyus Jones together?? Two of The Best to Ever Do it?? Paved the way for Minnesota Hoops?? Both Won N…
    15 May @ 2AM

  • Timberwolves stat of the day: Only two players averaged over 1.0 steals per game in under 18 minutes during the regular…
    13 May @ 9PM

  • Report: Timberwolves interested in re-signing Derrick Rose, could trade Tyus Jones. https://t.co/SkGuhQc47Q https://t.co/5WrV…
    13 May @ 5PM

  • Timberwolves looking at a trade? #AllEyesNorth https://t.co/4MMlsydXH5
    12 May @ 10PM

Classic headlines via Yahoo! Sports

  • LeBron James swats, stares down Tyus Jones, gets dunked on minutes later

    LeBron James got a nice first-half block, but not much else in a loss at Minnesota on Monday. (AP) LeBron James’ remarkable athleticism appears to be as strong today at 33 years old as the day he entered the NBA. Minnesota Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones
    9 Jan @ 5AM

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  • The Basketball Joneses: Tre Jones quest to climb out of brother Tyus’ shadow

    Tyus Jones was a celebrity in Minnesota by the time that he was in eighth grade. Before he was even enrolled at Apple Valley High School, he was starting on the varsity team, calmly handling point guard responsibilities against kids four years his senior while playing in gyms so packed you couldn’t get in the door if you showed up at tip-off. If Tyus was playing, people were watching.
    10 Aug @ 3AM

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