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    @ChicagoSports06: Who else is rooting for Timberwolves because of Derrick Rose Jimmy Butler Taj Gibson and Thibs #BullsNation

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    @mkhoops: Taj Gibson switching onto Harden and forcing an airball is why I will always love this dude. Vintage Taj https://t.co/Z2cIzhAa

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    @thedailywolf: Taj Gibson on the great atmosphere at @TargetCenterMN “The fans were great, the crowd was great. Like I said from Day 1,…

Taj Gibson
Minnesota Timberwolves
Southern California
Date Of Birth
24 June 1985
6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)
  • @Twolves_PR: Standing ovation from the crowd after Taj Gibson squares up and forces a Harden airball. This place is rocking.

  • @MarkBermanFox26: In game three the #Rockets and Timberwolves each made 15 threes, but the Rockets took 14 more. Minnesota isn't taking…

  • Jimmy Butler (and Taj Gibson) playing through injury, no matter the situation, is why Chicago fell in love these guys. It may…
    22 Apr @ 1AM

  • Remember when Taj Gibson dunked on Wade that year in the playoffs? https://t.co/BcmP2uC62X
    19 Apr @ 3AM

  • Taj Gibson on Harden: "He's an MVP candidate and you know why. Every time the game was ... in a tight spot, he just took ov…
    16 Apr @ 5PM

  • Jamal Crawford and Taj Gibson on the @Timberwolves' mindset entering the playoffs https://t.co/7MIr4VF2ce
    16 Apr @ 1AM

  • Oladipo could’ve had the same stats last season... he was just stuck playing with a ballhog. Enes Kanter, Sabonis, Taj Gi…
    15 Apr @ 8PM

Classic headlines via Yahoo! Sports

  • Butler scores 26 to lead Timberwolves past Thunder 104-88

    Taj Gibson and his teammates knew the Minnesota Timberwolves' four-game homestand was going to be tough. After all, New Orleans, Cleveland, Oklahoma City and New York were coming to town. Well, three games in, Minnesota has answered the challenge and demonstrated how much it has grown this season.
    11 Jan @ 10AM

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  • Butler ties season high with 26, Wolves beat Magic 124-118

    The fourth quarter has been problematic lately for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Good thing for the Wolves they were ahead by so much after three. Jimmy Butler tied a season high with 26 points, Taj Gibson scored a season-best 24, and Minnesota held off the Orlando Magic 124-118 on Wednesday night.
    23 Nov @ 7AM

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