David Fizdale
Memphis Grizzlies
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  • With #NBA coaching jobs available, these lesser-known candidates deserve attention https://t.co/DdMWeQdZSW
    18 Feb @ 2AM

  • Why haven't the suns hired David Fizdale yet??
    18 Feb @ 1AM

  • @hbryant42 @jemelehill Have you never heard of doc rivers? Michael Jordan? Dwayne Casey? Tyronn Lue? David Fizdale… https://t.co/nieneHO10H
    17 Feb @ 8PM

  • In the words of the great David Fizdale:"TAKE THAT FOR DATA!" https://t.co/GhLINMBb3j
    17 Feb @ 6PM

  • big part of why pop can be so real about race in america is, yanno, he's gregg popovich. that said, the best statements i…
    13 Feb @ 3PM

  • David Fizdale said he thinks the Wolves are going to be a nightmare to face in the playoffs. Take that for data!
    10 Feb @ 3AM

  • On AmicoHoops: Does ex-NBA coach David Fizdale like #Cavs' moves? Sounds like it. "I think a lot of teams in the Eastern Co…
    9 Feb @ 1AM

  • From #TheJump: @ScottiePippen, Tracy McGrady & Coach David Fizdale on where they'd like to see LeBron James play next…
    8 Feb @ 10PM

  • Former Grizz Head Coach David Fizdale on #DetroitBasketball “They’re physical. That crowd’s coming back. I would not want…
    8 Feb @ 6PM

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  • Report: Grizzlies refused to even discuss Marc Gasol trade

    Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace said in November he wouldn’t trade Marc Gasol. But that was back when Memphis had just fired coach David Fizdale in an effort to turn around its season. That gambit predictably failed. The Grizzlies are 18-36,
    10 Feb @ 2AM

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  • Marc Gasol: I’m too old to throw away a season

    The Grizzlies made clear firing David Fizdale was about trying to salvage the season. Memphis, 7-12 when it dropped Fizdale, has gone just 3-12 since. Marc Gasol, whose voice carries weight in Memphis, gave a pointed answer.
    28 Dec @ 3AM

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  • Marc Gasol talks Fizdale firing and Grizzlies struggles

    Marc Gasol wants to clear up a few things with the Memphis Grizzlies struggling through one of the worst stretches in franchise history, doing his best to defend himself. No, Gasol says he did not get David Fizdale fired as head coach. Yes, Gasol had a strained relationship with Fizdale before the firing.
    19 Dec @ 3AM

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  • Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol in post-game on-court interview: ‘We won. F— it’

    With a 95-92 win over the Timberwolves last night, the Grizzlies snapped an 11-game losing streak that included even more turmoil than just the defeats – Marc Gasolcomplaining about getting benched, David Fizdale getting fired, Gasol getting scrutiny
    5 Dec @ 8PM

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  • Dave Joerger thought Marc Gasol was trying to get him fired as Grizzlies coach

    Marc Gasol is facing new levels of scrutiny for being a coach killer. The Grizzlies fired David Fizdale on the heals of Gasol expressing frustration for a fourth-quarter benching and reportedly having minimal communication with Fizdale over the previous several months. A disconnect between Gasol and his coach wasn’t unique, either.
    2 Dec @ 3AM

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