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    @Wells_P: Byron Scott just said he gave Magic a hug yesterday and thanked him for trading D'Angelo ??

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    @LakersTalk710: Byron Scott on @Dloading trade. Said Magic had a chance to watch for months and formed his own opinion... "Think it was…

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    @uknewse: Nick Young, D'Angelo Russell, & Coach Byron Scott Speak Out... #DAngeloRussell https://t.co/GOQOgWbFIk #dangelorussell

Byron Scott
LA Lakers
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  • @kyrandarcy: If y'all don't think Byron Scott and co. doesn't have influence on @MagicJohnson and the front office y'all are ignorant

  • @NetsDaily: The bond that ties @JLin7 and @Dloading - the scars of playing for Byron Scott.

  • Byron Scott just said he gave Magic a hug yesterday and thanked him for trading D'Angelo ??
    23 Jun @ 4AM

  • He looks like Byron Scott so imma beat his ass https://t.co/V52sf8PQ32
    21 Jun @ 8PM

  • I don't know what more they wanted from D'Angelo. He led the team as a fucking teenager under Byron Scott. We better have…
    20 Jun @ 10PM

    20 Jun @ 3AM

  • I had to root for a squad with Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, MarShom Brooks, and Jeremy Lin. Byron Scott as HC. Pardon my ex…
    18 Jun @ 10PM

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  • Byron Scott: Lakers made me feel ‘betrayed, lied to and deceived’

    Byron Scott lost 77% of his games with the Lakers, alienated their young players and failed to deliver on his big talk about defense. Scott said he “felt betrayed, lied to and deceived” by former Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and former executive Jim Buss.
    30 May @ 1AM

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  • Byron Scott 'felt deceived, lied to and betrayed' by the Los Angeles Lakers

    Byron Scott’s got a new book out, and the former Los Angeles Lakers coach decided recently to dig into the George Karl-styled approach to pushing units. The Lakers coach from 2014 through 2016, fired in advance of two team option years in favor of Luke Walton last spring, spoke his piece with the Orange County Register’s Mark Medina. The former Laker playing legend relayed the frustration that set in when what appeared to be a four-year plan for the Lakers coach was cut short after two tumultuous rebuilding years.
    26 May @ 12AM

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  • Ex-Lakers coach Byron Scott felt 'betrayed, deceived' by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak

    Before the Luke Walton Era began in Los Angeles, Byron Scott was running the Lakers show as Kobe Bryant gracefully eased into retirement. Two seasons and only 38 wins into his four-year contract as head coach, however, the team cut ties with him, leaving him with a sour taste in his mouth with how things went down. In a candid interview with the Orange County Register, Scott says he "felt betrayed, lied to, and deceived" by the Lakers front office. He claims neither Jim Buss nor Mitch Kupchak held true to their promise to pick up Scott's team option for the 2016-17 season, and suggested they only kept him on as head coach to manage Kobe Bryant before he hung up his sneakers for good -- and eventually
    25 May @ 6AM

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  • Byron Scott & Charles Norris, “Slam-Dunk Success”

    Byron Scott is one of the greatest players in Los Angeles Lakers history–winning three championships with the “Showtime” era Lakers. In all, he played 14 seasons of professional basketball and then moved to coaching with head coaching jobs in New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Scott felt he was the scapegoat for losing records during his two years as head coach of the Lakers, and you’ll hear how he got over the sting of what he felt was a betrayal by Lakers management. Charles Norris is a business executive who is equally successful in his field–turning for example, a $200 million company like McKesson Water into one that sold for $1.1 billion, or as chairman of the board of Freshpet, taking
    4 May @ 1AM

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  • Former NBA coach Byron Scott reveals the first moment he knew an 18-year-old Kobe Bryant was going to take over the league

    Kobe Bryant's bright future was almost immediately apparent to Byron Scott. Scott was a 36-year-old veteran on the Los Angeles Lakers when they traded for the 18-year-old Bryant, who had been taken by the Charlotte Hornets the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. Scott, who would later coach Bryant's final two seasons with the Lakers, told Business Insider while promoting his new book "Slam-Dunk Success" that, like many others, Bryant's legendary work ethic foreshadowed his Hall of Fame career.
    26 Apr @ 12AM

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