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    @Mavs_FFL: Dirk Nowitzki. https://t.co/b9m9lA1dfR

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    @ESefko: Interesting nugget from TickPick resale: Dirk Nowitzki's last home game (April 10, Phoenix) is 2nd-highest ticket $$ of season…

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    @hoopshype: Our favorite Dirk Nowitzki tweets ever. https://t.co/EaMJY06Kqr

Dirk Nowitzki
Dallas Mavericks
Date Of Birth
19 June 1978
7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)
  • @kapo013: #ConcursoDMavs @D_Mavs Steve Nash Jason Terry Brian Cardinal modo dios?? Dirk Nowitzki Tyson Chandler

  • Our favorite Dirk Nowitzki tweets ever. https://t.co/EaMJY06Kqr
    23 Aug @ 10PM

  • #ConcursoDMavs @D_Mavs Steve Nash Jason Terry Brian Cardinal modo dios?? Dirk Nowitzki Tyson Chandler
    23 Aug @ 10AM

  • Dirk Nowitzki. https://t.co/b9m9lA1dfR
    21 Aug @ 7PM

  • Did Dirk Nowitzki taking a paycut pay off for the Mavs? @lance_972 tries to figure it out in his latest: https://t.co/tdd9
    19 Aug @ 1AM

  • Dirk Nowitzki would probably say the same ?? https://t.co/tAjtD6B4eu
    18 Aug @ 3AM

Classic headlines via Yahoo! Sports

  • The Unorthodox Training Methods Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant Use to Improve Their Shooting

    As basketball players Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant have quite a bit in common. To start, they both stand 7 feet tall (although KD is listed at 6'9), they possess great footwork and mobility for their size, they are elite shooters, and their games are effective on the perimeter, in the post, and everywhere in between. Dirk's patented one-legged fadeaway has been emulated by many players across the league, including Kevin Durant, who has effectively added it to his arsenal as well. This shot requires balance and touch, and when used by a 7-footer becomes almost unguardable. These similarities that fans see on the court are a product of the similarities in their training, and that all starts with
    12 Aug @ 4AM

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  • Dirk Nowitzki could not replicate Kristaps Porzingis’ off-the-backboard dunk

    We are all aware that Dallas Mavericks great Dirk Nowitzki and New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis have been hanging out lately. This has no doubt been a joyous occasion for the Twittersphere, who like to draw analogies between the two players
    6 Aug @ 4AM

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  • Let the Internet rejoice: Kristaps Porzingis is working out with Dirk Nowitzki

    Are the New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony‘s team or Kristaps Porzingis‘ team? What hasn’t always been obvious is what the contemporary comparison for Porzingis should be in the NBA. Too often we get into the habit of lumping European players together, or tall, white players together, especially if they can shoot.
    4 Aug @ 4AM

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  • Dirk Nowitzki Set To Re-Sign With Mavs at 80 Percent Discount

    At some point far into the future, it's possible that a Dallas Maverick will mean as much to the franchise, and to the city of Dallas, as Dirk Nowitzki. It's possible, in the same way that it's possible that Dak Prescott could finish his career with more Super Bowls than Troy Aikman. Nowitzki is the best player ever to suit up for the Mavs, the only player in franchise history to win an MVP award and the leader of the team's only championship squad in 2011. As the Mavericks have spun down from their championship six seasons ago, attempting to rebuild for the future, Nowitzki hasn't threatened to leave for greener pastures, instead continuing to play excellent, if less dominant, basketball.
    8 Jul @ 6AM

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  • Dirk Nowitzki has sacrificed as much as $194 million in discount contracts for the Mavericks

    Dirk Nowitzki has once again given the Dallas Mavericks a big discount, agreeing to a two-year, $10 million contract. The deal came after the team declined their $25 million option for the upcoming season, a move made after they consulted with Nowitzki, according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, suggesting he was on board with the much lower salary. As many have noted, this is the third time Nowitzki has given the Mavs a considerable discount on a contract.
    8 Jul @ 4AM

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